Press accreditations

The International Sanicole provides spectacular photo opportunities and great stories.

Media Credentials are limited. Priority will be given to working media that are doing live/immediate/turn-around stories/articles/coverage to enhance the Airshow. Once that limit is reached no additional passes will be issued.

Credentials are issued to working professional journalists, employed or contracted by bona fide media outlets, who have an assignment related to the Airshow. We do not accept credentials for freelance photographers, photographers shooting for stock houses, internet media, blog administrators, vloggers and podcast sites, unless proper and relevant documentation of the site’s history can be provided

Credential requests should be received no later than 5 PM, September 6, 2021. Requests received after are not guaranteed processing and will be handled on a case by case basis.

Event access restrictions due to COVID-19, remain applicable. Access will be denied if you do not have the proof of complete vaccination or of a negative PCR test, even if a press accreditation was granted.

For questions about media and press you can contact us via com@sanicole.com

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