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21 & 22 SEPTEMBER 2024 - Sanicole Airfield (Hechtel-Eksel)

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do children need a ticket?
A: Children under the age of 8 years can enter for free when related to general admission or combi tickets. If you want to bring children under the age of 8 in one of the packages (Friends of Sanicole, Business or VIP), you do have to purchase a corresponding ticket at child rate.

Q: Do children under 8 years old need a ticket?
A: Every visitor needs a ticket to be admitted to the airshow. For children under the age of 8, admission is free (see previous question), but a free admission ticket is available for them in our ticket shop.

Q: Is there a minimum age for children to attend the show?
A: Children of all ages are allowed, but we do not recommend bringing children under the age of 2 within the Friends of Sanicole package given the height of the stands as well as possible risk of falling.

Q: Can I buy tickets on the day?
A: There is a distinction between the special packages (Friends of Sanicole, Business or VIP) and the general admission and combi tickets. The special packages are only available in presale and never at the box office. In addition, there is a maximum limit for each ticket type. When this maximum limit has been reached in presale, there will be no more tickets of this type available at the box office on the event days. This will then be clearly indicated on the ticket page. People who still want to wait until the day of the event to buy their ticket at the box office should buy their tickets digitally from home, as this will reduce the price by 2.50 euros.

Q: Can you cancel your tickets?
A: No, purchased tickets cannot be cancelled. No refunds will be made on purchased tickets.

Q: Is there a discount for associations or military personnel?
A: No.

Q: I made a mistake when filling out the ticket details, can I still change it?
A: You can still change the details on the ticket until the day of the event itself. Changing the day (Saturday to Sunday and vice-versa) is only possible if there are still tickets available for the requested day.

Q: Can I give a ticket to someone other than the person for whom it was originally purchased?
A: You can change the details on the ticket up to the day of the event. For example, if you are ill on the day of the event, you can still change the ticket so that someone else can use it. Visitors must present themselves with their identity card to have their details checked.

Horeca + stands

Q: Is it possible to pay with Card or Payconic at the stands (food, drink, trade stands…)?
A: The possibility of digital payment will be available.

Q: Is there a possibility to withdraw cash?
A: No, it’s not possible.

Q: Can I bring my own food?
A: There are plenty of catering stands at the showground, with a wide range of drinks and meals . Bringing a bottle of water and/or a snack is allowed. Backpacks will be strictly checked at the entrance. So be aware of possible waiting times. Alcoholic drinks will be confiscated. Glass bottles will NOT be allowed.

Q: Are there any vegan or vegetarian food options?
A: Yes, but they are limited. 

Q: Which stands will there be?
A: You can check out the list of all proposed attractions and stands via the website.

Q: Where can we find the information booth?
A: Our info stand will be on site at Pole 4.

Q: What can I purchase with my catering coins?
A: In the catering overview, you can find how many catering coins are needed for the available range of food and drinks.

Q: Where can we buy a program book?
A: Programs will be sold in presale through our ticketshop and the program voucher can be exchanged at the exchange counters at both public entrances. You can also buy a program on the day of the event at the entrance gates.


Parking & Transport

Q: Can I reach the entrance by public transportation? Will there be a shuttle bus?
A: Via our mobility page, you can discover all possible options to get to the event. By public transport, you can take the train or bus to the railway station of Leopoldsburg. From there, the organisation will provide free shuttle buses (10 min) to the event site.

Q: Is free parking available?
A: For the regular event car parks, you must purchase a parking ticket in the ticket shop. These are € 10 per car. You can also opt for one of our park & bike car parks which are completely free. Car parks for buses are also free of charge.

Q: What is the location of the different car parks?
A: There are 4 regular event car parks provided this year. The location will be allocated automatically through our ticket shop based on the postcode of departure. The various navigation apps will also indicate the car parks. In addition, signage will be provided at the access roads around the event to guide you to the correct car park.

Q: What time do the car parks open?
A: You can enter the car parks from 8 a.m. onwards.

Q: Are the car parks guarded?
A: No, staff is only present to direct traffic.

Q: Is there bicycle parking?
A: Yes, there are two bicycle parkings, one at each main gate. To provide extra support to our cycling visitors, there is a service point in addition to the extensive bicycle parking. Each cyclist also receives a special gift upon arrival. In the public area, there are also lockers that can be rented.

Q: Will there be mobile home parking?
A: As an organisation, we do not provide camping facilities. Camping on the car parks is also not allowed, but there are camping facilities nearby. (Kempenheuvel, Hengelhoef, Centerparcs, Goolderheide.....). However, it is possible to park with the mobile home and then leave in the evening.

Q: Is there parking for motorbikes?
A: A separate paved parking is provided for motorbikes. When you order your tickets, you have the option to indicate that you are coming by motorbike and you will then be allocated the relevant car park.

Q: Is disabled parking provided?
A: Disabled parking is provided in each car park. When you order your tickets, you have the option to indicate that you hold a disabled card and you will then be allocated the relevant car park.

Q: Is assistance provided for people in wheelchairs? Parking?
A: Separate parking is provided for wheelchair users. Special wheelchair transport is also provided to the public entrance. People can move freely within the public area.

Q: I am an attendant of a wheelchair patient, do I need to buy a ticket?
A: Yes.

Practical and useful info

Q: Is the program on Saturday the same as on Sunday?
A: No, the programme on Saturday and Sunday is different. On Saturday, there is an evening show where special effects will be used such as flares and pyrotechnics. On Sunday, we will hold our traditional airshow. On our programme page you can find which participants will fly on Saturday and/or Sunday. The organisation reserves the right to make changes.

Q: Can we bring a bottle of water or snacks?
A: You can, but keep in mind that visitors with a backpack or luggage must follow the special (long) queue for luggage check. Alcoholic drinks will be confiscated. Glass bottles will NOT be allowed

Q: Can I bring chairs with me?
A: Yes, but please note that all luggage will be checked and queues may occur.

Q: Will hearing protection be available?
A: Hearing protection is provided free of charge in the packages. There are booths at the venue where hearing protection will be offered for sale. Hearing protection will also be offered free of charge at the CM stand.

Q: Can I bring my dog?
A: Dogs are not allowed at the airshow. Leaving dogs in the car in the parking lot is also strictly prohibited.

Q: Are the toilets free of charge?
A : The toilets are paying. One can use the toilets after purchasing a bracelet.

Q: Where can we find lost items?
A: You can visit the information centre. Our speaker will announce at regular intervals that people who have lost something can come here to recover their belongings.

Q: How do we find our lost children?
A: At both entrances, free wristbands will be provided for children on which parents can write down their mobile phone number. This way, lost children can be returned to their parents more easily.

Q: Is it allowed for pregnant women to attend the show?
A: The organization doesn’t take any responsibility. The loud noises and vibrations can be dangerous for the baby. It is best that people first go see a doctor or a gynaecologist for advice.

Q: Will there be a livestream of the Airshow?
No, the only way to experience the excitement and action is to attend the airshow at the airbase. Live streaming of the event is prohibited. Do not fall for the scams that claim to offer a livestream and avoid clicking on links that promise this. Also, never share personal details on such sites.

Sanicole Airshow

The most anticipated event in Limburg. The Sanicole Airshow attracts 40,000 visitors each year.

The biggest and most awarded airshow of the Benelux and far beyond.


For general information about the International Sanicole Airshow, contact us via email: 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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Saturday 21 Sept
Sunset Airshow (17h00 - 20h15)

Sunday 22 Sept
Sanicole Airshow (10h00 - 17h30)

Hosted by Combell
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