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21 & 22 SEPTEMBER 2024 - Sanicole Airfield (Hechtel-Eksel)

Boeing Stearman

Perhaps one of the world's most famous biplane training aircraft will participate in the International Sanicole Airshow at Hechtel-Eksel in 2024, as part of a stunning piece of aerial theatre: The Boeing Stearman.

The Stearman was one of the most widely used trainers before and during World War II and it thus played an important role in preparing the Allies in the run-up to the liberation. It is a very pleasant aircraft to fly with excellent flight characteristics that are both forgiving and require precision, ideal for a training aircraft. It also ensures that it is still a popular aircraft today among fans of classic aircraft, and it’s always a hit with fans of large radial engines.

Thanks to Safety Jogger and Stijn De Jaeghere Aerobatics, you can see this flying legend gliding through the air above Sanicole. His aircraft is based in Ostend and wears the colours of the US Navy.

Sanicole Airshow

The most anticipated event in Limburg. The Sanicole Airshow attracts 40,000 visitors each year.

The biggest and most awarded airshow of the Benelux and far beyond.


For general information about the International Sanicole Airshow, contact us via email: 
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Saturday 21 Sept
Sunset Airshow (17h00 - 20h15)

Sunday 22 Sept
Sanicole Airshow (10h00 - 17h30)

Hosted by Combell
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